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I still remember that day, it was a grey Thursday in Geneva.
That day, I forgot the key to the office and I had to ring the doorbell. As I was stepping in, my boss was passing by and I felt he was different. That day I really felt something was going on. That day, everything was different. I opened my mailbox and saw an invitation on my calendar from our HR team at 4 pm.
That day, I lost my job. 
I hadn't seen it coming, I was completely shocked. I felt lost and distressed. How could that happen to me? I was coming from a groundbreaking career at Davidoff, a well- known company specialized in Premium Tobacco where I had a fast-paced career: I got promoted twice and had gained respect and trust as a young woman in a male-centric environment. But on that day, I had the feeling that everything around me was crashing down. How would I tell my family, my friends, my boyfriend about it? I was not able to understand what was happening to me and why it had suddenly changed. It felt as if everything was crashing down.
What I didn’t know was that this particular day would give me the opportunity to discover the true purpose of my life.
I decided to take a break and to focus on positive stuff like getting my life back on track and in parallel searching for a new job. I subscribed to newsletters on LinkedIn, job boards and was regularly in contact with recruitment firms. ​During my job search, following the logic of  my career path, I looked for marketing positions which represented the natural step forward but I had no precise idea of the kind of job I really wanted.
I had to find a job because I had to work
and given that I had always been in marketing teams, I focused my search on what I had done until now. It was a difficult moment and I was feeling frustrated due to the fact that I never received any feedbacks on my applications on the job boards.
Every single call with a headhunter for a potential role was an emotional rollercoaster:
first I was happy to be considered for the role when the consultant was calling me to pitch me on the position, I was feeling excited and I would picture myself in the concrete role within the company. I was trying to convince myself that this was the right thing. Following the call, I adapted my cover letter for the specific job and waited impatiently for a sign.
Most of the time, the consultant just disappeared and I would not receive any feedbacks.
It was such a terrible feeling which had a strong and negative impact on my daily motivation and positivity.  
During this period, I had the opportunity to shape my own opinion on headhunters and how impactful their role could be on people’s lives.
I was feeling misunderstood and most of the time really disappointed. I had the feeling that I was considered as a simple number for the consultant and not as a person with emotions, feelings and values who needed a personal consulting session to get her professional life back on track.
After some adverse experiences and one of them being particularly unpleasant, the turning point of my professional life began.
I still remember when we met, he didn’t show any empathy, he was not listening to me at all and the questions he asked during our conversation proved that he hadn’t even read my resume before our meeting. At that moment, I thought it was not possible to let my professional destiny in the hands of a person that couldn’t care less. 
At that moment, I realized that this was a call for me, a sign that would shape my professional path.
I decided to read it as a sign of life: this questioning became a mission. This is when my journey into the recruitment world started.
I wanted to be the headhunter I never had, based on my personal experience, my frustrations, my emotions, my personal feelings and failures as a candidate.
I took it as a personal challenge without knowing that this was a significant step in my career. As a consequence, I started my new professional life in one of the most prominent recruitment firm. It was ground-breaking! In less than a year, I became a Senior Consultant and top 5 fee earner in my category. In such a short period of time, I had become a reference point in the FMCG and luxury industries in Switzerland. I discovered that I was keen on listening to people, understanding their situation, their needs, helping them to understand themselves, gaining clarity in their career, inspiring them to do what they love and supporting them in changing their life.
I became successful not because I was able to put into practice what I had learned. I became successful because I was doing it my way and focusing on what really matters in this job:
putting people’s welfare first and taking the time to understand their needs, who they are and what really matters for them. My role is to connect talented people and companies which share common beliefs, principles and values.
Now, a new chapter of my life has begun.
I decided to build my own company, Sanso Consulting, because I want to bring my contribution to positively change people’s lives and to bring a cutting-edge performance for companies on a long-term perspective.
Quality, passion, reliability and a targeted portfolio is the Sanso Consulting recipe to ensure high quality service and short delivery processes. 
Our aim is not to do business with anyone who simply wants to recruit a new employee. We tend to privilege collaboration with those who believe in our philosophy for a sustainable and successful partnership based on trust and loyalty.
Our recruitment firm is specialized in matching companies and candidates by focusing on search of management and executive profiles across industries with a strong human approach.
Enjoy your journey with us!
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