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" We believe in thinking recruitment differently.

In everything we do, we keep in mind the exciting challenge between the cultural fit of companies and talented people."

It is not the size or the reputation that makes a company strong, it is the culture.

This powerful sense of values and beliefs that everyone shares, from the CEO to the receptionist. Indeed, this is one of the most important criteria of distinction to understand who you are as a company, how to anticipate your needs, find a suitable candidate and inspire him or her about your firm.


Nowadays, the headhunter’s role is often taken too lightly. 

When you select a recruitment firm to work with, you entrust a person who will be your company ambassador. A person whom, most of the time, you will never meet. Your main contact was an executive manager who once the mandate was signed, delegated the search to a consultant working for him or her.

In this case, the consultant is in charge of selecting the right profiles from the limited knowledge he or she holds on your company. By representing you, the role of this person is undoubtedly crucial. 


​Can someone that you have never met, or shortly met, who never really had the opportunity to understand your company culture, be able to promote and represent your company to the outside world? 


The person needs to bring concrete and detailed information so that the potential candidate can contemplate himself or herself working for your company. To do so, you need much more than a simple and hasty meeting for the job intake. You need a properly detailed and personalized consultation. This is our exact purpose.


How can a headhunter determine if a candidate is the right person to fill in a position in your company? Can he or she introduce the candidate’s profile if he or she doesn't spend enough time with him or her to discuss, exchange, understand and sometimes challenge him/her to understand who he or she is, what he or she believes in and what really matters for him or her? 


​Sanso Consulting is the fruit of a deep personal journey stemmed from personal experience. 


Our company was founded to connect people and companies harmoniously through the cultural fit, the skills, the experiences and the qualifications based on a deep exploration and knowledge of both sides.



To optimize the quality of our services, we guarantee you one single point of contact responsible for the entire recruitment process.


Our aim is not to do business with anyone who simply wants to recruit a new employee. We tend to privilege collaboration with those who believe in our philosophy, for a long-term successful partnership based on trust and loyalty.

Through our portfolio of services, we are committed to contribute to your company’s growth by supporting you in understanding your culture, values, needs and finding the most suitable candidate for your company. In this way, we liaise with engaged, passionate and talented people with common beliefs and principles for long-lasting perspectives of collaboration. 


Once the candidate has signed the contract, we continue to closely cooperate with you by offering the possibility to support you in the upstream preparation of the on-boarding. To ensure a solid integration, we work closely with the Human Resources’ teams and accompany the new employee for a smooth and strong onboarding process.


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