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We tend to privilege long-term relations with our clients, therefore becoming increasingly more often, the strategic partner. This allows us to work closely together, to proactively anticipate potential opportunities by thinking as if we were an integral part of your company.


How do we guarantee you to find the right candidate exactly when we are looking for one?


Our experience has showed us that this doesn’t happen without difficulty and given that our priority is to provide the right talents for the right companies’ teams, we believe that part of our job is to create new job opportunities. 


One of our key methods following the deep dive sessions is to start cultivating profiles in line with the company’s values and DNA for possible future open positions, confidential searches or upcoming projects.


Through this proactive approach, we give the opportunity to our partners to build relationships with potential talented profiles even when there are no concrete jobs available. In this specific case, if the candidate is hired, the relationship will be built on common beliefs and principles in addition to his background and skills.

Consequently, the relationship will be stronger and more sustainable.


Moreover, this approach allows our partners to have a constantly updated overview on what the key elements and the new trends are to be considered as an attractive employer on the specific job markets. 

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